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    About Brady: I am a 10 year old boy whos recently in 4th grade. Ive been in cp for many years, since 2007! My first penguin was Harold29069, then i got Braydendk and I saw many sites. So i made this site with the help of Pltad. I liked to be called Brady or Bray, or champ on xats. My name is champ on xats. I have my own army, (see red bulls page). This site was created at midnight! My two favorites sports are baseball and soccer! I have about 21 trophies (some are necklace trophies). My favorite show is WWE Monday Night Raw. My best friends are famous bloggers and some normal clubpenguin players such as pingupingey(blogger), pltad(blogger), buzzlight76(blogger), Pepper(regular cp player), rave (regular cp player), and more! My favorite food is pizza, and warm glazed dohnuts from Krispy Kremes! I love the Kentucky Wild Cats and the Milwaukee Bucks. Both teams are great at basketball. Im also catholic.

Listen Up!

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Hey Everyone! Its Braydendk here just to tell you I wont be posting for a while. My parents found out about my site because Im not suppose to have one so next time i post will be like 2 weeks. Maybe 3 :p so when i get back to posting i hope to have this post he at least 42 comments! Oh and ill still comment and stuff.

Moving Sites

Hey everyone it’s braydendk here. And I’m here to say that we’re moving  blogs.  Yes it’s a tragic. lol. So here’s the link to the best cp cheats site ever. http://clubpenguinnash.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/should-we-have-a-giveaway/

I’ve Returned

Hey everyone it’s me Braydendk and I’m back from Washington D.C! Great place by the way. So thank you everyone that was waiting for me  to return!


Going to D.C….

Hey everyone it’s Braydendk here and today I’m going to D.C. So c ya in 5 days!


..Going to D.C Won’t be Posting…..

Hey everyone, its Braydendk and I just got to say that I won’t be posting because I’m going to Washington D.C from August 4th until August 8th. See you on the 8th!


Stadium Glitch

Hey guys today I went on cp and i found a glitch! When you go to the forts u see a scoreboard:

But theres no scoreboard when you enter the stadium:

New chat background

Hey guys on my xat i made my chat a ne w background here it is!

Cp Blog: Penguins Around the World

Greetings Penguins,

Happy77 here. We had an idea to make a video out of all the amazing photos you’ve sent in. Since Rockhopper’s here for the Island Adventure Party, we thought we should make one with pictures of him. Look at all the places he’s been!

What do you think? 🙂

I’d like to make another video like this with your pictures of Gary the Gadget Guy or Herbert next. But we need your pictures to make it happen! Send in your pictures by clicking here.

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on July 28 2011 03:41

HIYA! i am:Koloway

Hi, i am koloway. i am a ncie penguin, i dont bite. *bites herbert* ok next, i will update you with everything new, epic, cool, awesome, etc.


Bye for now, Koloway

Party Review

Hey guys heres a preview from my party. Thanks everyone who came!


Construction Done In 2 Hours

Hey everyone, it’s Braydendk here.  And I just finished the construction and it only took 2 hours! Well that’s it! Bye!